Take part in the next round of the WyreBitcoin AirDrop campaign, if you have not done so already!

The WyreBitcoin Exchange will send its tokens free of charge to all willing participants of the campaign. Simply put, we will conduct a Smart AirDrop.

WyBTC tokens cannot be purchased just like that. You can buy WyreBitcoin tokens only from AirDrop and bounty campaign participants. Now you have a unique opportunity to become one of the honorary first users of such a project by supporting us.

By participating in the AirDrop campaign now, you will become one of the lucky few owners of WyBTC tokens that no one else will have.

How to become an AirDrop participant

Fill the form using the contact details. Enter the Ethereum wallet address that will be receiving the WyBTC tokens,

Attention! To recieve WyBTC tokens, do not enter the Ethereum
addresses of stocks or exchangers, such as Binance
and etc. Tokens wil not come there,

We recommended to use metamask.io

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