Before you do anything…

Save your 12 words to be able to load the wallet on another device!

Save your private keys! We can’t stress this enough.

In the wallet section, if you are logged in with Metamask, you cannot see private keys, because you already have them in your Metamask wallet.

WyreBitcoin Swap Wallet is a non-custodial (decentralized) browser-based cryptocurrency wallet supporting p2p swaps via Atomic Swaps. does not store your data, keys or coins. It operates directly on your browser with no software or plugin installations and downloads required. All swap operations are executed via the IPFS network, allowing us to provide you with a truly decentralized and peer-to-peer coin and ERC20 token swapping experience.

WyreBitcoin Swap Wallet is a browser-based decentralized cryptocurrency wallet. This means, if you delete your browser’s cached data, your wallets may be re-generated into new ones. This is particularly the reason why it is VERY IMPORTANT that you save your wallet’s private keys and 12 words, before you do anything.

In the Atomic Exchange section,

always wait for your wallet balance load, you can use the refresh page function, but wait a bit.


We do not handle or store your data in any way.
If you lose your private keys = coins can never be retrieved.