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ICO NameFincapital Partners
Start DateNovember 01, 2022
End DateApril 30, 2023
in 3 Months

FinCapital is the Swiss Army Knife of wealth & crypto management. From crypto/FIAT exchange to IBAN and debit card issuance, customized tokenization and traditional asset brokerage, we allow our customers to manage their entire portfolio in a single platform.

As a Fintech, Fincapital offers services similar to those of an online bank. Included are:

  • A multi-currency account (USD/EUR/CHF/GBP etc.), on which it is possible to swap one currency for another with just one click;
  • A crypto/FIAT exchange that allows you to convert your cryptos into FIAT in one click, in a simple and intuitive way;
  • A dedicated 1BAN, through which payments can be sent and received on behalf of the client;
  • A bank card: this is a Mastercard debit card that allows you to spend your Fiats all over the world.
  • Virtual payment cards: these single-use cards allow for secure online purchases, with the card being destroyed once used
Self-Reported TagsFinance Token

Watchlist + rationale/catalyst :

$APT : all eyes on it + price discovery
$OP : new '22 coin + price discovery
$STG : proposal to buy $2M OTC
$LDO : LSD narrative + close to August high
$HOOK : recent coin + Binance Launchpad + close to ATH
$DYDX : unlock coming Feb 2

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