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The cheapest way for swapping cryptocurrencies

Our new update has allowed us to let our users save up to 75% on transaction fees compared to Uniswap and most other DEXs. Subsequent trading on WyreBitcoin allows users to narrow transaction fees to get as low as a single transaction fee.

One of the simplest trading methods we offer:

Once a user decides to sell one kind of cryptocurrency for Bitcoin, they create an offer. Once a seller publishes an offer, it becomes publicly available and other users may participate in that offer.

List Your Token

List your erc20 tokenWhy List Your Token on Wyre Bitcoin Wallet?


You can add any token from (or your own ERC20 or BEP20 token), Matic tokens…
Provide a convenient & secure browser-based decentralized wallet for your users.


Allow your users to seamlessly exchange your tokens for BTC or USDT (omni) with other users (no platform fees involved, no token wrappings required, easy-to-use interface, completely decentralized and peer-to-peer) – support for BCH, EOS, TLOS, LTC, and ETH are coming up soon!


Create community ‘buzz’ by leveraging Blockchain trends and keywords such as ‘Atomic Swaps’ and ‘Decentralized & Non-Custodial Wallet and Exchange.

Sell your ERC20 for Bitcoin.

    You can use this wallet to keep your tokens, and to exchange between your friends with other cryptocurrencies, or users of the site.

Keeping your token is tax free.

Before completing the form, we suggest you register on this site.


Promote your project towards the ever-growing WyreBitcoin community!


Get Your Project Onboard to WyreBitcoin

First and foremost, it’s all about serving your audience, solidifying your project, and growing your community.

Serve your existing audience: WyreBitcoin provides a robust marketplace with near-zero trading fees, rapid transactions, and open architecture to serve your present audience. WyreBitcoin is a decentralized service, which means that everyone’s money is secure.

Build a new audience: DeFi projects are trendy right now. Early adopters, innovators, crypto nerds, and an increasing number of regular consumers are all on board. Having your project featured attracts new people and puts you on the map in ways you’ve never seen before.

Enhance your project’s visibility: Your project will be visible and highlighted on the application itself (‘drop-down’), as well as in market data communications and as part of a continuous promotion.

This is Affordable

Sounds fantastic, but what’s the catch? Is this something I can afford?

You certainly can!

It only takes a little time and effort to get your project up and running on Wyre Bitcoin.

Their communities, assets, and competencies are more significant than the parts.

Working together, WyreBitcoin adds more value to its partner projects and stakeholders.

Why not seize an opportunity with minimal risk but the potential for a massive payoff?

Follow the Simple Steps to Get Your Project Onboarded

Your project must be a mature and legitimate one. There is no listing fee. WyreBitcoin is a decentralized service and response times is fast. We assume that you are familiar with Uniswap and how it works.