Earning interest on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Earning interest on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
BTC, ETH, WBTC crypto wallet with marketmaking feature. User can exchange BTC to another crypto or earns interest on bitcoin by providing liquidity to exchange. 

Examples of tokens, with which Bitcoin can be exchanged, in Atomic Swap:

Theoretically, this can be done with any token. Just create a new atomic swap offer. Share this offer with everyone you know. And don't forget, you have to stay online, keep the Exchange open, so that your offer is available to those you have distributed.
   So you could earn bitcoin while selling your own crypto coin. You can add your new cryptocurrency for free in the Add custom token section. Currently our Excange accepts: ERC20, BEP20, ERC20MATIC, ERC20XDAI, ERC20FTM, ERC20AVAX

How it works?
1. in first start the app generates 12 words secret phrase and creates BTC, WBTC and ETH crypto wallets
2. user can deposit/withdraw crypto
3. user enable/disable "marketmaking" in the "Earn" section

Why it works?
The marketmaker earns on the difference in exchange rates when servicing the purchase and sale (spread)

Is it safe?
- The system is in beta
- There is an audit from dsec
- We recommend investing only those funds that you do not mind losing
- The keys to your funds are only with you, we do not have access to your funds

How much will I earn?
It depends on the number of swaps and the spread. Ask any questionssupport.

Why do I need WBTC? I am only interested in earning BTC.
You can replenish only with Bitcoin, but inevitably, at some periods, your BTC balance may decrease, and WBTC may increase, and vice versa. At any given time, the sum of these balances will be greater than before. If you want to withdraw BTC, but some of them are in WBTC, then you will have to change WBTC yourself, for example, through the Binance exchange.

Why don't users exchange themselves through the Binance exchange?
Our clients love and support decentralization, exchange works through smart contracts and we will not be able to freeze the client's funds for more than 3 hours.

What is the minimum period of marketmaking?
There is no minimum term, you can withdraw funds at any time.

How to increase earnings?
Tell about the possibility of swap in the communities where you are a member.

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